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The Chair Spot is a throne chair rental company located in Jacksonville, FL.

We provide the highest quality of solid hand-crafted throne chairs. These throne rentals are for any and all occasions!  While providing excellent customer service, we take great pride in our business - making sure our customers, like you, are completely satisfied with their throne chair rental experience.

Below are a few samples of the Thrones we offer:

Our Thrones

This_One_1001 copy.png

Lion Head King Throne 1001


Lion Head King Throne 1002

1003 copy.png

Lion Head King Throne 1003

1004 copy.png
1002 copy.png

Lion Head King Throne 1004

Lion Head King Throne 1005

2001 2 copy.png

Shellback  Queen Throne 2001

2003 2 copy.png

Shellback Queen Throne 2002

2002 2 copy.png

Shellback Queen Throne 2003

2004 2 copy.png

Shellback Queen Throne  2004

Double Throne Settee 3001

Blue Chair 2024.png

Shellback Queen Throne  2005

Pink and Silver2024.png

Shellback Queen Throne  2006

Untitled_Artwork copy.png

Double Throne Settee 3001

gold and white throne Settee.jpg

Double Throne Settee 3001

Double Throne Settee 3002

Double Throne Settee 3003

White and Gold 2024.jpg

Gold and White Kid Throne 4001

White and Silver Chair 2023.png

Silver and White Kid Throne 4002

Kid Chair Size.png

Kid Throne Dimensions

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