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Folding Chair Rental

The Chair Spot also offers our durable vinyl padded black metal folding chairs to rent.  These are great for Parties, Special Events, Weddings, Business and Conference Meetings. An affordable option for any occasion where extra seating is needed. 

Folding chair rental: $2.50 per chair with refundable $50.00 deposit plus $50 delivery fee due at booking. Contact us for Bookings and for more information! 

There is a minimum of 50 chairs or the cost there of (125.00 plus deposit and fee), if less than 50 chairs is needed. Set up and break down of chairs is the responsibility of the persons renting the chairs. 

(Customers CAN NOT pick-up or return chairs on their own due to liability issues.)


After the conclusion of your event, the chairs will be picked up and inspected. Provided there is no damage to the chairs, you will receive your deposit back within 3 to 5 business days.

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