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Our Crowns

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During your event, 'walk in prominence' by accentuating and wearing one of our elegant Tiaras (for Her) or our immaculate Crown (for Him).

What do you want to be? You decide - A Princess or Queen - A Prince or King!

Our crowns are exquisitely made, and they add an authentic touch to your special occasion. When you wear royalty, you rule! Your guest will feel truly

honored by being in your presence!

If you'd like to add a crown to your throne chair rental, the additional fee is $20.

If you'd like to only rent one of our crowns for your own special occasion,

the rental fee is $40 per crown.

***If a Crown Rental is damaged during your event, the customer will incur a replacement fee.   Here is a 'helpful hint': Make sure the crown is adjusted securely in place and fastened nicely with bobby pins.  Be mindful of your surroundings at all times. "Safety is our greatest concern for your memorable and enjoyable event!"


Black Charcoal Rhinestone Bronze Tiara Crown


Red Crystal Leaf Gold Tone Metal Tiara Crown


Silver Tone Crystal Rhinestone Tiara Crown


Gold Gorgeous Men’s Fluer-de-lis large Crown


Gold Gorgeous Women’s Fluer-de-lis Crown

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